Production Tips: AKAI MPC Mapping Chart/Tutorial For Finger Drumming Like A Pro

Some mapping ideas and techniques on pad drumming. This is great not only for performing, but also for programing super fast and speeding up production workflow. Props to Brandon Murphy for the tutorial:

After seeing cats like Jeremy Ellis, Jel, Exile, Araab Muzik and others do their thing with my own eyes, I finally got it. The point is not to replace the drummer, it's to do shit they can't. After some trial and error, I came up a little mapping system for myself that was ergonomic, versatile and most of all, natural (my thing was I wanted to be able to play anything I could already play on the real drum kit, plus stuff I couldn't) and practice it constantly. I noticed people don't seem to share too much when it comes to their methods and technique, so I made a little video and a mapping chart for anyone interested in how to get started.


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  1. Awesome man, thanks for this! It's really useful and it's not only for MPCs you can apply the same shit on whatever MIDI triggering device you got that's got some pads.