"Hypedog's Underdogs" Vol.8 - Ackryte

Back with another "Underdog" post. I'm going to try to do one each weak this month instead of once a month to change things up a bit. For this entry we have Ackryte. Ackryte is from Madison, Wisconsin and has been producing beats since 2006 but he didn't start sharing his music with the world until about 11 months ago. Ackryte says he is heavily influenced by Pete Rock, Premo, Dilla, and Madlib. He describes his sound as "constantly changing, but some common themes are: heavily chopped and compressed jazz and soul samples and unquantized, hard hitting drums."

His debut album "Realize" was released in October on Digi Crates Records and also has an album with up-and-coming producersRepeat Pattern and Broke nearing completion.

JingleOnEm (Ackryte x ∑diflowerz) by ackryte

come naturally by ackryte

ursa major by ackryte

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