"Hypedog's Underdogs" Vol.9 - Tranzformer

Tranzformer has been doing this since 2008. He actually first started recording with punk rock, ska and metal until his homie, honey b , got him into Hip-Hop. Tranzformer started out with just a cracked version of Fruity Loops, not even a midi controller! Now he's using Reason 4 and working with the likes of: Sene, Co$$, Koncept (of brown bag all stars) , Planet Asia , and more.

Some of his influences are: Kev Brown, Madlib, Dilla, Beat-Maker-Beat, Kankick etc. Transformer has quite a few free beat tapes floating around so be sure to catch up on those! Tranzformer will be putting out a self titled album in the middle of dec. 2010 and it will be a limited edition pressed album!

Tranzformer was kind enough to send me a GANG of beats for his post so I'm sharing quite a few of them. You may recognize some of these beats as rappers such as Sene, Blame One, and Co$$ have blessed them. Grab the ten track batch down below!

DOWNLOAD - "Hypedog's Underdogs" Vol.9 - Tranzformer (10 beats)

Flashy girls - Tranzformer x Honey B. (Hypedog's Underdogs Vol.9) by Luigi-Bo 87 Part Deux

Vintage Soul (Gravy) - Tranzformer (Hypedog's Underdogs Vol.9) by Luigi-Bo 87 Part Deux

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