Joe Kay - "1nfinite"

1 N F I N I T E by joekay

My mans Joe Kay came through once again with another dope mix. His blends have gotten a lot better over the years. Definitely glad to say I've been able to watch him grow. Check what Joe had to say about his new project:

"2010 is almost over and I am blessed to say that so many great and rare opportunities have came across my way. SOULECTION (Music/Art/Life-Style-Blog/Radio Show/Future Record Label/Events) will be launching very soon! We (Myself, 96, & Andre Power) are excited to display our perspectives and expand on what we feel life & positivity translates into. I had all this energy in me late last night and wanted to release and translate my energy into music. Ya'll have heard me grow and progress through my mixes, each one just keeps progressing! I enjoy DJing, educating, making people move, and bringing smiles to people's faces with my selections! When you do it something from with-in, it comes out so much more authentic! And this is why will get far in life. Think BIG. This ain't "Another Mix", this is my expression; My ART! "

01. Shigeto - And We Gonna (Samiyam Chopsticks Remix)
02. Geteye - Jamal Notes
03. Slakah the Beatchild - Something Forever
04. The Planty Herbs - Music is the Word
05. Abjo - The Kickback
06. Tall Black Guy - Blind Man (I Can't Help It)
07. Full Crate - Thursday
08. MachineDrum - Flud
09. Jack Sparrow - Loveless
10. GLK & Daedelus - Impulse (Teebs' Neck Feathers Remix)
11. Pursuit Grooves - whisper
12. Tall Black Guy - Thrill Seeker
13. AFTA-1 - Estate (91)
14. Letherette - Ashtro
15. Geteye - Open Your Mind Variation
16. Wizard - Pumpkins
17. AFTA-1 - Afro Comb
18. N.E.R.D - Inside of Clouds
19. Jon Wayne - Unreleased
20. Bugseed - Tear Loose
21. D'angelo - Left & Right (Sam Champ Remix)
22. Freddy Finger - Shine
23. Chris Turner - Liquid Love
24. Cro-Magnon - Never Can Say Goodbye
25. Sepalcure - Feeling That I Know So Well
26. Von D & Zhakee - Bon
27. Lukid - Chord
28. Daisuke Tanabe - Invasion feat. May Roosevelt
29. Digital Mystikz - Eyez
30. Raj Mahal - Heidi

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