Kashmere & Jazz T x Bonafide Beats #07

From the deepest darkest depths of hell, via north-west London, comes the latest instalment of Bonafide Beats hosted by Kashmere The Iguana Man and mixed by Jazz T.

This mix acts as a pre-cursor to the brand new album Kashmere stars in…Galaktus: Power Cosmic with production by Zygote and Jazz T. Based on a shared love of comic books and science fiction Galaktus is a murky listen full of smoky jazz samples and tough drums while Kashmere’s flawless demonic flow proves why he is one of the countries most original MCs.

Jazz T – A Story
The P-Bros – Caviar inst.
Ramson Badbonez – Knock Knock
Kashmere – The Ark (Boot remix)
Kool Keith – Get Off My Elevator inst.
Kashmere – The Power Cosmic
House Shoes – The Makings
Gap Mangione – Diana In The Autumn Wind
Jaylib – The Official
Kashmere – I Am Galaktus
Ramson Badbonez – Welcome to the Darkside (Boot remix)
Ramson Badbonez – Heavily Stoned
Gangstarr – The Remainz
Jyager feat.Jehst -The Session
Tame One – Bitch

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