Kronika - RundatbeatbacK

The lovely Ms. Kronika once again blessed the net with this onslaught of lushness from her personal collection. Didudiggit? If you missed out, don't let this one slide past. Featuring jewels from Wiz Khalifa, Apatight, mndsgn, LAKIM, Aspect1, Freddie Joachim, Versis, Dibia$e, Knxwledge, Eric Lau any many more.

RundatbeatbacK - kronika

Up - Wiz Khalifa
High Pressure Sodium - TeV95
NANA SHO - Apatight
o.gawd - mndsgn
Brandead - BAHWEE
Hello Again - The Wizard Of Van
It's Superficial (Clark Kents) - DR+
1 too (feat. Jondis & - IV the Polymath
12 - Dakta
I Don't - Amiri
Visions - LAKIM
Rock With You - Aspect1
For The Players - Jinesis
Labyrint - Knxwledge
SoulJazzHipHop - Danimal
Snowfall (Instrumental) - Kissey Asplund
9 Lives - TeV95
The Voice - IllSkilz
Keep On Running - Dibia$e
Close Love (snippet) - Freddie Joachim
Twilight - Häzeldizzy
Slow Down - Versis
Stand Bye - Eric Lau
Небесная Механика - бэппе
Love To Match - Dunian
When She Smiles - Nefarious!

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