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For anyone new to Cream of Beats could you tell us a lil bit about yourself, how you got into producing and the essence behind your sound?
I've been a part of Hip-Hop well before Mike Allen was on Capital Radio! I moved to Detroit in 1987. I met a DJ PrimeMinister in 1991; he was making beats using a Roland R8, Gemini Mixer, 10 second sampler and a 4 track cassette recorder. In 1996 I bought 2 Technics 1200's and a Gemini ScratchMaster Mixer. Shortly after, I bought an ASR-X, but that machine made me hate (stop) producing with its glitchy sequencer! I bought my first real drum machine MPC2000XL in 2000. First thing I tried to do was recreate the bass-line in Common's "Thelonius!" :)

I have no pride in making a 5 minute beat! I honestly can't remember how I come up with patterns even right after I make them. I can listen to my beat for HOURS, take a break, and not know how the beat sounds! I sample a lot of acoustics with my mic...rubbing my shirt can be a shaker...dropping a pot can be a snare. I don't drink (when I make music) and never smoke, but I noticed how a lot of artists needed some kind of drug to make music. I don't use drum kits, I always start fresh. I try not to make the same beat type of beat twice. The most important thing is for me to be the only person that can sound like me! If other producers can emulate "your style," then that isn't saying too much for your so-called style! I listen for sounds.. I don't listen for loops! Most people consider "chopping samples" as breaking it apart a little and replaying it...maybe flipping it a little. I consider chopping samples when the original song is unrecognizable. Sometimes, you can get away with some simple chops, but if your whole catalog is recognizable, your not making beats...your remixing songs!

What equipment do you use in your studio setup?
MPC2500, Technics 1200 and a Yamaha PSS-480. My 3 DJ mixer (Vestax PMC-37pro) is my audio mixer. I got rid of a TON of gear that I didn't know how to use. The more gear you connect, the more noise it generates, then you have to buy more gear to minimize the noise! All these manufacturers make equipment with all these promises, gigs of sounds, etc, and a few weeks later you see it selling used on ebay! What I have works! I like anything that everyone hates...its cheaper, and I'm cheap! I like equipment that I can use immediately because I'm not trying to learn anything. I like hardware, but I use software called Audacity as my recorder. I call it "the Fisher Price of Audio software!" If you can't use Audacity, quit music...bake cookies!

Who are your top 5 producers / musical Influences?
Musical Influences: dak, Dilla and King Tubby. (dak is a weird probably won't find him anywhere.)

What albums you listening to at the moment?
Stereolab: "Cobra And Phases Play Voltage in the Milky Night." Soft Machine: 3 & 4. Yesterday New Quintet: "Stevie: Instrumental Tribute to Stevie Wonder," and anything underground and GOOD. KenLo and Elaquent are getting lots of rotation in my Itunes!

Which upcoming producers should we be on the look out for?
I HAVE to return the favor to Hazel! Not because he mentioned my name, but because he is a bad mf'er on the beats, PERIOD! We go back a little bit (myspace 06) and he has always been a great inspiration! Guys to look out for? dak, Lancescape, Granmah, Elaquent, KenLo, Dibiase, Nameless and "D" from Helium Music

What has been the main highlight of your career so far?
When I sell a beat! Its like,"WHOA!!!! A RAPPER THAT PAYS!!" Or hitting the delete button when a rapper starts talking that, "For the love" s#it!

Any previous releases or upcoming projects we should be aware of?
My old instrumental (01-06 beats) is available at

I'm doing two projects this year that hopefully will be released on Vinyl. One with Theory Hazit, another with Hasaan Mackey. I also have another instrumental project that has been completed for the last three years that I may release (07-08 beats,) and another with more recent joints.

I just like making the beats..the money would be nice, but its not necessary. Releasing projects is the least important thing for me to do. Just letting people know I'm around is the most important thing! I would love to travel off the music. Hopefully that dream will come true very soon!

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Bonus footage: Cream of Beats and Baatin (Slum Village) lost studio session from '06

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