"Hypedog's Underdogs" Vol 13: D-Que

In this installment of "Hypedog's Underdogs" we have Chicago producer D-Que. Que has been making beats for 5 years now and mainly uses FL Studio and Reason. Some of you production heads may already recognize D-Que since he participated in the recent Red Bull Big Tune producer battle in St.Louis. D-Que describes his sound as "varying between smooth like creamed coffee, to heavy hitting like train wrecks, depending on my mood." Some of Que's influences are, Dilla, Jake One, Illmind, Nottz, and Flying Lotus.

D-Que is currently working on a joint with Caucasian Rockwell of Soulspazm Records (Marco Polo's affiliated label) for his album so we'll be on the lookout for that and enjoy the beats below!

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