DJ Inform - "The Fair Use Project" (Instrumental Album / DJ Mix)

"The Fair Use project makes liberal use of over 150 different records to create a mix that must be heard to be understood. In words, DJ Inform took original records that have been sampled before for classic hip hop songs, reworked the samples with other samples from other classics, mixed in some classic drum breaks, scratched a lot, added some accapellas, and in general just sort of smashed everything together. All original records used, no b.s. mp3's or it if you want. DJ Inform would appreciate your support." - DJ Inform

Inform hit me up out of nowhere introducing himself and sending me this project. It reminded me that I haven't heard/checked for a good DJ set in a long time. By the end of the first segment I knew I wanted to post this. You can grab this project for any price you name, even free. But I'm sure we all can find at least a dollar to send his way to show him some love for this dope piece of work!

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