Thriftworks - "ZenZero" (Instrumental Album)

About two weeks ago, Thriftworks was gracious enough to send me this megaton bomb of an instrumental album! "ZenZero" gets your head nodding right out the gate with the title track which gets you used to his style of disjointed percussion rhythms, quirky synths, and deep bass sounds. Right after you get in the groove of the first track, Thriftworks gets you bouncing with the ever so hype "Thizza Thizza". This track is actually one of my favorites seeing as it's a head trip all it's own, let alone the rest of the album!

If the first two tracks weren't good enough to convince you that "ZenZero" is worth the purchase, the "Thizz-face" inducing "Goat Ropes" kicks in and knocks your head off. This track I feel is definitely inspired by Thriftworks hanging around his close friends B. Lewis and Insightful, you can hear both of those guys in this track. I'm sure by the way it sounds that Thriftworks put all the heavy artillery up front on his album but that just isn't the case, all 20 tracks are ridiculous and is more than worth a purchase.

The middle parts of the album have that Flying Lotus sort of feel to them in which you just get pulled all over the place by various sounds that turn a normal listen into a full body experience.

"ZenZero" takes elements from the genres of Hip-Hop, Dub, Techno, and I swear I sense a small Dancehall influence in there as well but that could be just me. All in all this is one of those albums that has something for everyone and will definitely hold up as one of the most original instrumental albums of the year.

** Too long, didn't read version - It's dope, your neck WILL be broken. GET IT & DON'T SLEEP!

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