Kelakovski is reppin’ the U.K. with some sharp, heavy beats tailored toward the indie end of the hip hop spectrum. The talented producer has worked with some of the more reputable and political MCs we have to offer such as Lowkey and Skrein (Foreign Beggars), but don’t assume he’s Russian from the moniker, “I came up with the name by combining my surname (Kelleher) with a classical musicians name (Tchaikovsky) & came up with Kelakovski!... and no... I'm not Russian!”

This boy is straight outta Birmingham, a city that’s been churning out a quantity of midlands talent in recent years (Look at Moorish Delta 7) “To me UK hip-hop is UK hip-hop... there's a lot of talent coming from all over the UK & the scene is growing by the minute so its only a matter of time before we get as well established as US hip-hop!”

“I don’t think a producer can ever reach a level where they can say they are at their peak... there’s always new things to learn and new people to work with. I can’t see my self doing anything other than music. If it weren’t for music I'd be a bum for life! I’m not exactly making much money from it but making beats is what I love doing… it’s my life! So I'm definitely going to pursue my career as a producer.”
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