'Naughty Angels' Rabodiga

Rabodiga was born in 1983, in Zaragoza, Spain, where she lived until she was 18. She then moved to study Fine Arts at the university of Valencia. Currently based in London, Rabodiga combines illustration, traditional painting and graffiti with her studies of photography, painting girls who represent her alter ego, through which she communicates a deep hidden world to the outside, trying to turn what she perceives into something more beautiful than the world we are surrounded by.

I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek of her amazing work from 'The Sky's The Limit' exhibition at gallery118. The event is running till the 31st of July showcasing the latest works from 3 great artist; TOM BLACKFORD, BONZAI & RABODIGA. Id advise anyone to get down to gallery118 and witness these great pieces in the flesh!

You can check more of Rabodiga's work from her Flickr and her site
also check the mural she did with Solo One 'Love will win'

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