LouisDen BeatCypher 07
Live Hiphop Production Showcase & Beat Jam
+open beats/beat battle/DJ CRO

22nd October 2009
Sunflower Lounge
76 Smallbrook Queensway
B5 4EG

This time round the Louis Den fam come in the form of APATIGHT and DOCKMINI, Apatight is part of the up north collective "Groundwurq" and has production work for JEHST, MICALL PARKNSUN, JACK FLASH, PROFESSOR GREEN and more, expect nothing but heat from the huddersfield native!!. Also reppin louisden and Birmingham we have DOCKMINI the youngest in charge!!..at 19 he's one of the youngest members of the team to rep the beats; although based in Cardiff for studies now he's been a mainstay in the Louis Den lab for the past year or so for our Sunday sessions and has already taken part in showcases Louis Den has done for Blaporama (as part of Redbeards single launch earlier last month), he also already has a handful of credits to his name for local acts and has worked with LOWKEY Dock is putting in the work to become a name to watch on the production circuit.

We also have The Black Market's own KNOX BROWN, sick Jamaican producer based in Birmingham Knox has got a stack of heaters in the stash, with a real versatile sound and passion for production that spans many genres Knox is all about music as an all around artist in his own right too!! Seeking him out after a couple of name drops from mutual heads we got Knox down to the lab a few months back and he's took part in a couple of our weekly challenges..jumping at the chance to get down on the Beat Cypher; his style is perfect for it so expect to be entertained.

Finally reppin the Tactical Thinking crew we have NAIVE, a beast behind the boards we've known about Naive for sometime from Brum export DEADLINE and Louis Den legend MR DICK aka PETE CANNON, with Dick having repped a beat cypher previously and his crew now coming for a PA it only made sense to get some shine on this London based Hiphop/Electro producer..heads may not be hip to him (but we are) and with the iminent TACTICAL THINKING release (Too Broke To Go Solo) you will soon!.

We've got PA's from the hiphop collective TACTICAL THINKING..the crew consists of emcees Kid Genius, Deadline, Assa, Jimmy Raygun and Derogatory with help from Jay madden and Mic Dyson plus L.Lyracist and B.V.A and musical backdrops provided by NAIVE and MR DICK (aka PETE CANNON). The TT collective is actually formed from smaller groups Surreal Knowledge, The Three Amigos, Me and Him, Deadline & Mr Dick, under the banner of TACTICAL THINKING they've just dropped their new album TOO BROKE TO GO SOLO which serves a perfect introduction to the crew's talent.

Seeing as TT is bringing so much noise we figure theres only enough room for 1 more PA which will come in the form of Birminghams own PROFESSOR D & R.TILLERY. These two versatile emcees have been tearing up the Birmingham circuit for the last few years with an unrivalled performance energy being able to encorporate elements from HIPHOP, DUBSTEP, 4x4, ELECTRO and more..resident artists of the music agency PUNCH RECORDS these two have torn up stages up and down the country having performed with the likes of SKINNYMAN, DURTY GOODZ, SONNYJIM and even performed in hiphop/grime theatre colloborating with names like CHARLIE DARK and MARK DE CLIVE LOW, no doubt Pro D and Tizzy will tear it up!!!.

we've got the usual OPEN BEATS where producers of all levels are encouraged to bring some material to test the crowd reaction (3 beats max) and those feeling like they want to take something home can compete in the legendary BUCKS FIZZ BEAT BATTLE where names dawn out of a hat can compete for a bottle of bubbly and bragging rites as the Louis Den Bucks Fizz Beat Battle Winner!!...this time round prizes kindly come courtesy of BASEMENT SESSIONS and KING APPAREL, finally it wouldn't be a beat cypher with our very own DJ CRO providing the backdrop of hip-hop beats, breaks and treats inbetween the nights action.

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