An album that will be described by many as real hip hop , which is missed these days, with some heavy head nodding beats and smooth flowing lyricism throughout the whole album coming from the ever energetic Kinetik. This is his second album, being released on his own independent record label “Middle Child Music”, a lot of the tracks on the album were produced by the well known Jon Phonics while other tracks were produced by the talented J. J. Malone and Vintage, while the track “Leave It All Behind” was produced by Vintage with Chemo on co-production.

The album is like being taken on a journey through some of Kinetiks life experiences and being enlightened on how things he has experienced through his life have changed his attitude towards certain situations, like on the smooth jazzy track “Don't Be Silly” where he tells the listener of how a failed relationship changes his view on the matter of falling in love. The album starts with a very energetic track called “Let's Go” with which he opens up the album by stating his passion for hip hop and the hunger he has to succeed. His energy flows through the whole album, even on the more heart full and jammed tracks such as “Love Has Never Lived Here”. Which is an emotional insight into his childhood life and the hard times his family went through.

The 12 track album covers many different topics, which range from the hardships of living in his city, on the track “In The City”, to how his love for hip hop started, in the track “Memory Lane” and even his experiences of working a normal job, on the track “Leave It all Behind”. Many would say that the class of rapper and producers, on this project, compliment each other. This is a genuinly good hip hop album overall, lyrics and production are on point through out the whole album.

K.I.N.E.T.I.K may have been slept on by many so if you've been searching for some real hip hop then this is what you've been waiting for. “The Kinesis Thesis” is due to be released digitally on Monday the 16th of November, don't miss out.

Reviewed by Lance Bam

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