I've been listening to the Beastie Boys since at least 86, maybe before then. The first two singles I ever bought were Wipeout by the Fat Boys and the Beach Boys, and She's On It by the Beasties. The Beasties have been a massive part of my life's soundtrack, and like the Marvin Gaye mix I did, this is one that was a labour of love. It took a fair old while, mainly because I wasn't sure how to approach it... but I've jumped on it for the last week or so and now it's out. So, what's on it? Well, there's a shitload of exclusive blends (by me!), some classic remixes, some guest spots, a couple of hard-to-find demos / alternate versions and some guest appearances from Def Squad, Q-Tip, Nas, Jay-Z, De La Soul, Milk D and B-Real. Oh yeah, and big up to Joe Scudda for doing the shouts. Nice one man. Download it here: - Jimmy Green

DOWNLOAD Beastie Boys - Brooklyn Dust Mixed by Jimmy Green

BROOKLYN DUST The Beastie Boys Mixtape
(exclusive blends marked with a *)

1. Intro
2. *Too Many Haters ft Nas
3. Root Down (Prunes remix)
4. *Rhyme Nostalgia
5. Body Movin (Def Squad remix) ft Erick Sermon, Redman + Biz Markie
6. *NY Scientists
7. Get It Together (Buckwild remix) ft Q-Tip
8. *Right Now Feel The Horns
9. Gratitude
10. Sabotage
11. Remote Control
12. *Disturbed Word
13. Squat - De La Soul ft Mike D + Adrock
14. Intergalactic ('94 demo)
15. *Jay-Unit
16. 4 Fly Guys ft Hurricane
17. *Insane B-Boys
18. Jay-Z Live Interlude
19. No Sleep Till Brooklyn (original mix)
20. 99 Problems (Just Blaze blend) - Jay-Z
21. *Stop That Black Mag
22. So What'cha Want? (Soul Assassins remix) ft B-Real
23. *Three The Nubian Way
24. *NY We Go Hard
25. Ricky's Theme
26. Shake Your Rump / Madlib remix
27. *Police Negotiation
28. *Turn Alive
29. *Ooh-Wee Check It
30. *Triple Rappers Delight ft Sugarhill Gang
31. *Me, Myself + My Lifestyle
32. Once Around The Corner (The Fowl Song)
33. Fight For Your Right To Party (alternate lyrics mix)
34. Something's Got To Give

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