Project Mooncircle & Spoken View - The Zeitgeist EP

The two Berlin-based labels combine forces to create a supreme independent Hip Hop release. A mere dozen of artists, utilizing two different languages, to simply provide you one thing: Good music. While Spoken View holds a good share of top notch German Rap artists, Project: Mooncircle delivers the wide diversity of its intercontinental network of musicians. The likes of Netherland’s newcomer Joe Kickass , British dynamic duo Obba Supa, German avant-garde lyricists Sichtbeton , UK-Rap legend Lewis Parker , rhyme-roughnecks Morlockk Dilemma and Hiob , go-to-guy Damion Davis, John Robinson from former Fondl’em fame – all unite in the strong believe in the culture of Hip Hop. Following the labels’ ideals, you’ll get a cinematic artwork on top of that, collectively composed by Gordon , V.Raeter and The Binh.

PMC058 Project Mooncircle & Spoken View - The Zeitgeist EP snippet by Project Mooncircle

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