A couple weeks ago B. Lewis was kind enough to send me an advance copy of his latest project "Mercury Backburner". As soon as I started the album I was hooked! Honest one of my favorite releases in a while. "Mercury Backburner" showcases an exponential amount of growth from B. Lewis. Being able to release the solid "Talking Chairs" beat tape in January and improve this much four months later is a real feat!

This album waste absolutely no time as the first track "Saddle Up" gets your head nodding with a quickness. Two tracks later we have the title track "Mercury Backburner" which is nothing short of great. This track is sure to take you to "that place" where anything else that's going on is irrelevant. While the majority of the songs on this album have that cosmic vibe to them, a handful of the track make you want to find the nearest female and get it on!

All in all, "Mercury Backburner" is sure to get B. Lewis recognized as a force to be reckoned with. I'll post up a couple songs that still give me that feeling like I'm hearing them for the first time as a sneak peek. Be on the look out for the "See-Saw Kids" beat tape by "New School" alumni B. Lewis and Xperiment this summer as well! - Luigi-Bo 87


Sleeping on the Moon - B. Lewis (Mercury Backburner)

Ongoing - B. Lewis (Mercury Backburner)

Lucky 17 - B. Lewis (Mercury Backburner)

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