DJ Solo Presents Soul Assassins: Classics and Exclusives

Props to KN for putting me on to this... This mixtape features classics and exclusive tracks from Soul Assassins hosted by DJ Muggs and mixed by DJ Solo from 2009.

DOWNLOAD DJ Solo Presents Soul Assassins: Classics and Exclusives

1. Intro (DJ SOLO Mix)
2. We Ain’t Goin Out Like That
3. Jump Around
4. Bow Wow Wow
5. No Entiendes La Onda (How I Could Just Kill A Man)
6. Double S Hip-Hop
7. Still Breathin
8. In This Lifetime_Blue Collar_The Funkiest (DJ SOLO Mashup)
9. Chief Kamanawanalaya
10. John 3_16
11. Can_t Stop, Won_t Stop
12. Da-Da-Da (Unreleased Exclusive!)
13. Chronic Break (DJ SOLO Mix)
14. Hits From The Bong
15. Stoned Is The Way Of The Walk
16. Razor To Your Throat
17. Third World
18. General Principles
19. All In Together_Shimmy Shimmy Ya_Pussy Ain…Shit (DJ SOLO Mashup)
20. They Talk About It, We Live It.
21. Mad Izm vs. Hand On The Pump (DJ SOLO Mashup)
22. The Foundation
23. Sky_s The Limit (Unreleased Exclusive!)
24. Tear This Mutha Up
25. Same As It Ever Was
26. DJ SOLO_s Shout Outs
27. Ride & Smoke
28. Self Scientific For Life

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