Epsilon Project - Audacity EP

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I've posted a few joints from Epsilon Project's "Audacity" over the last few weeks. Their full project is finally here and available for your enjoyment.

"This album was initially called "The Audacity of Dope", a play on President Obama's book, "The Audacity of Hope", but a Google search killed that idea. (www.theaudacityofdope.com)... D'OH!!!!!!!

Sooooo, we dropped the words {of dope} and the word {audacity} remained.

This 9-track project, appropriately titled “Audacity”, features production from Kev Brown, Ohno, Supa Koopa and DJ Vadim.

From the brazenly laced critique of the United States on "America", to the incredibly descriptive narratives presented on "Poor World", each track is a manifestation of intrepid boldness."

01. A.O.D Intro 00:25
02. Audacity of Dope Prod. Seize 03:12
03.Turn it Up Prod. Supa Koopa 03:24
04. Inspiration Prod. Kev Brown 04:27
05. America Prod. DJ Vadim 04:18
06. In God We Trust Prod. DJ Sean 03:51
07. Poor World Prod. Ohno Feat. Mr. Lee G 03:48
08. Sleeping Giant Feat. Dopamine Rush P.O.E 03:50
09. Deranged Vets Prod. V.I 04:30

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