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The Huddersfield based rhyming legend and EOW World Champion Jack Flash returns with a unique approach to downloadable projects… Give away 9 ridiculously fresh tracks for free then offer up 5 more for the incredibly reasonable price of £3.95! (not forgetting the CD version for just £5)

So, with the format now explained, lets get back to the script. Jack Flash's Sound Of Colour's EP is the hyped return after his well received Union Jack LP back in July 2008. This time round, production comes from the man in question, plus Wizard, Soul Unique, Myke Forte, Richie Rukz, 14KT and the return of the ever talented Apa-Tight.

This project truly has something for everyone, with the assistance of a great track from Jack's band Extra Curricular. Sound Of Colours begins with a self produced soulful bluesy intro (Sound Of Colours) setting out the lyricism and wordplay you can expect throughout. For those of you who have seen Jack Flash performing live you will most likely recognise the track, however hearing it in this new context refreshes the words.

With Jack switching gears like a F1 driver we swiftly move on to King Of The Hill, a braggadocios explanation of our hosts skills. The beat has a slightly clunky sound to it, but the lyrics hold it together.

Next up Louis Den / Eat Good affiliated Myke Forte (who just released his latest beattape: Gemini) drops by for the short and sweet MPC tinged Jack Iron Flash, talking a wide range of alcoholic beverages including contraband goods!

With the last in this numeric list before the rest of the highlights we are handed Harass The City, produced by the soulful sound provider Wizard which featured on the Headspace Mixtape earlier this year.

Richie Rukz and fellow band member Thabo assist Flash on Slow Down, an honest and frank portrayal of how lifecan some times just move too fast. With a back drop of Jazzy keys and loose drums Slow Down is a great track to chill to and shows a new side to the EP which by this point has been through a number of stages.

Onto the 5 paid tracks….
Keep On Dancing is one of the most surprising tracks on the album, including the use of autotune! With the beats provided by Richie Rukz, Flash introduces a track you'd expect to hear from the US R n' B scene as opposed the UK based Hip Hop scene. Sounding slightly out of his comfort Zone at the start (which is no bad thing!) Jack regains composure in the second verse offering up including lines that rhyme Bizzle, Shizzle and Grizzle! That's right folks, Jack Flash can do R n' B Synth Hop!

Apa-Tight returns with First Impressions, which could easily fit right in to the dope Union Jack project. A soulful, well produced, tight lyrical nicely rhymed 4 minute 47 second package of horns and vocal chops that fit nicely into the overall vibe of Sound Of Colours.

Jack teams up with Extra Curricular on Where The Problem Lies. For those of you who are yet to experience this band its well worth the trip. With a truly amazing live show, this track serves as a taster of Flash's other musical excursions.

Writing On The Wall has a Taxi Driver moody vibe, at the same as Quincy Jones style big horns bashing around the speakers, instantly grabbing your attention. Then comes the lyrics, with the track serving as an ode to graffiti culture. Think Black Star's Respiration remixed for 2010 with dusty drums and well crafted verbs and skullcaps. Jack Flash's production skills really are put to the test and he passes with flying colours on this boombap inspired rhythm.

To pull it together, it's clear to see that Sound Of Colours is a musical experiment for Jack Flash. There's some great tracks, and some good tracks, and not a flop in sight. This as ever will be personal preference, but the likelihood is that even if you're not feeling the project as a whole you will be able to find at least a few tracks that are your vibe.

It's definitely worth spending this minimal amount of money to support one of the UK's most underrated emcees. Go to Bandcamp and check it out!

Reviewed by Vice

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