Lewis Parker - The Unseen Trap Ft. John Robinson Review

PMC055 - Lewis Parker - The Unseen Trap Snippet

This EP is the forerunner to Lewis Parker's next album, and drops three more gems into any DJ's collection. Rapping with Mr Parker on the epic title cut is John Robinson, whose imminent double album produced by Parker is to be released June 4th. With MC's Eastkoast and Tah Borne on the conspiracy laden 'Super Scientific Weapons', we have 'International Hitmen' well-placed between to weave together these three fresh cuts from the World of Dusty Vinyl.

The orchestrated strings, flute and harp of 'The Unseen Trap' are enough to immediately ensnare the listener into a sense of wonder at the second instalment of Mr Parker's latest project. The underlying beat track keeps the head-nodders wrapt in the music. With more than an air of brilliance the tracks are a smooth blend of his varied production styles, the instrument selection reminiscent of his early 'Silhouette' sound-scapes, the technique a masterful product of his latest studio set-up in the US. The lyrics carry the track at a swift pace and vibrancy while still holding strong to content and substance, all of which are hallmarks of the Golden Sound:

JR: "I see the booby traps they do to cats / feeding us the wrong foods giving us scooby snacks, and now we here to settle the score like it's movie tracks"

There is a tight structure and narrative to tracks that is borne from the experience of a producer whose mettle has been tested many a time, and after the dazzling A-side there are two B-sides that stand as 24 carat proof. The smooth transition between moods allows each piece of music to unfold seamlessly, comfortably furnishing the rappers with space and time to drop knowledge and slick verses into place.

On 'International Hitman' it is easy to become absorbed in the dicey plots where LP builds a narrative like Raymond Chandler; precise, crisp and refined imagery woven into another flawless beat. This time the lyric is more prominent and his vocal rides along the music's tidal riff, until he is flying high over grooving bass-lines and another orchestra of horns that are put together quite literally like pieces in an enigmatic puzzle. As this is his virtuoso track on the vinyl he steps up to bat with a suave English panache, and smashes a hip hop home-run:

"Top dollar, pop the collar, SP scholar, drums rock ya...
Find the root of the evil / pass down the knowledge so we win in the sequel /
I'm hip-hop lethal dosage / take the rarest break and hooking up the dopest /
these jokers are soulless / sold their soul to label owners"

'Super Scientific Weapon' taps into all things conspiratorial and takes the eerie paranoia pioneered on 'It's all Happening Now' into a new realm. It stretches funked up strung out stings and flute samples on to an almost 'Main Source' haunting piano bass melody, and with three MC's to tear up the track with their distinct flows and concepts, we can see how the King of Dusty Vinyl dishes out a further posse cut - New York style.

Like the Wu Tan, it is great to see classic artists returning to form and putting out awesome material, in all honesty LP has gone from strength to strength and here is another prime example. If the upcoming second part of his album trilogy "The Glass Ceiling" is on this level, then wake up and hear the sounds of home-grown success floating over the atlantic. You can grab this rare 10" Here.

Review by J-Bodes

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