Why - J. Bizness (THE NEW SCHOOL: DAY 3)

Championing that classic West Coast vibe while concurrently pushing it to new heights, Ontario, Ca (not Canada, Haha)'s own J. Bizness is finally getting the shine he deserves.

J. Bizness has been making beats for 13 years and does a splendid job of combining a lot of elements in his beats without anything sounding messy or unneeded. Biz is also responsible for some of the sickest chord progressions I've heard in a long time! I can't properly describe J. Bizness' beats in words, it's a feeling that you must experience for yourself!

You may have heard some of Biz's productions recently thanks to his 3P series with FWMJ. Biz also has recent production credits with Trek Life, Little Brother, Buff 1, and Jimetta Rose. If you're looking for beats to just vibe out to, look no further than J.Bizness.

FWMJ's Rappers I Know presents J. Bizness 3P Series [Vol. 2]: Skeem Price
<a href="">On The Regular feat. Mr. Sobers aka Maestro Montana by J.Bizness</a>

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