Jay Z 99 Problems Instrumental - Inphy (THE NEW SCHOOL: DAY 6)

This guy is the best kept secret out of everyone on this list. Lucky for me, I'm a fiend for new music and was lucky enough to run into him about a year back! Banging out all the way from the Chezh Republic we have Inphy.

With a great ear for samples and drums you're sure to love his sound! Inphy is most definitely a graduate from the school of Pete Rock and is definitely going to be one of the torch carriers for the "classic boom-bap" sound in Hip-Hop.

His remix of Little Brother's "Life Of the Party" sounds like it easily could have been the original. From the drums, to the samples, all the elements hit the mark and it compliments the accapella perfectly in my opinion! At the young age of 19, Inphy is only going to get better from here! Get familiiar now!

Inphy - Remix Tape

Inphy Myspace -
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