Hypedog Presents: The Best Of NAMELESS - Compiled by Luigi-Bo 87

Alternate Link- Mediafire

For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you know I'm always going on about how dope NAMELESS is. This guy is extremely nice on the beats but I feel like he is heavily slept on even though he was part of "The New School Beat Tape" among heavy hitters. So about a week ago I thought why not take some of my personal favorite NAMELESS beats and put them in one quick, easy download for the people. This serves as the perfect introduction to NAMELESS if you're new to him. "The Best Of NAMELESS" Covers all sides of this versatile producer and has something that everyone will love! All of these beats were compiled from his beat tapes on his Bandcamp site.

Cake Circus [Step Right Up] - NAMELESS

Dontcha [Wanna] - NAMELESS

Its Aight Tho - NAMELESS

Nameless twitter - www.twitter.com/_nameless
Nameless bandcamp - www.nameless.bandcamp.com
Nameless Myspace - www.myspace.com/namelessbeats


  1. smooth beats. I never heard of this guy, so thank you.

  2. the guy is nice wid it, hes got a fresh sound, big kicks, live snares, nice bubble bassline. Go get it! downloading mine now

  3. BANANAS!!! Mos def, one off my fav producers.

    Good looking out Luigi