Bloggerhouse presents Scrunchface Sundays 6.28.2010

Every week Bloggerhouse and TimelessDaimyo get togther to host 'Scrunchface Sundays', a two hour showcase of beats from a range of talented producers. The latest show features production from a few heavy hitters on The New School Beat Tape: Myke Forte, Nameless and S-Type plus a banger from our boy Munoz Beats. Check the playlist below for the full line-up.

DOWNLOAD Bloggerhouse presents Scrunchface Sundays 6.28.2010

Dave Notti “Testify”
Munoz Beats “These Are The Times“
Mr. Green “One Love”
Exile “The Sound Is God”
Hubert Daviz “Rollalikdat”
Ta’Raach “Coon”
Evidence “Breakout”
Fel Sweetenberg “Outfit Searchlight”
Illmind “Church Instrumental”
Lorn “Bretagne”
Obsidian Blue “Remember”
Pete Rock “Pete’s Jazz”
AbJo “Sahasrana’s Throne”
Afta-1 “Amor Es”
Gravity Movement “Agape”
Myke Forte “Without Love (Intamacy)”
Nameless “You Ain’t Helping”
Hulk Hodn “Sin Wit Me”
S-Type “Louisden (Week 7)”
Suff Daddy “Vitrin”
The Stuyvesants “Brooklyn’s Finest”
Mike Slott “Knock Knock”
Lex Boogie From The Bronx “Mars Attacks”
Willie Green “Wide Lapells”
Moonsatellite “Classical Soul”
Moonsatellite “Hallways”
Nubbz “Californa Dreams”
Nubbz “Feel Good”
Nameless “First In Line [Do Doo]”
Myke Forte “LabtimeLDBB (Dedication)”
Mr. Chop “Straighten It Out”
Waajeed “Track 16”
Madlib/Strong Arm Steady “Two Pistols (Instrumental)”
The Stuyvesants “Bring The Horns”
Onra & Quetzal “47.6 pourcent”
Metal Militia f/ Born Unique “Rotten”

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