Oddisee West Coast Beats - Hosted By Trek Life

<a href="http://oddisee.bandcamp.com/album/oddisee-west-coast-beats-hosted-by-trek-life">Still Never Rains [Instr Snpt] by oddisee</a>

Trek Life and Oddisee continue to tease fans with another mixtape preceding the release of Trek Life's sophomore album, Everything Changed Nothing. The mixtape, West Coast Beats, includes a concoction of snippets of instrumentals from the upcoming album, exclusive Oddisee beats, the first single, "So Supreme", and an exclusive Oddisee-produced Trek Life track called "Get In Touch", found only on this mixtape.

Trek Life's Everything Changed Nothing will be available at digital retailers on July 27th and physical retailers on August 10th via Mello Music Group.

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