Hypedog Presents: Munoz - "Hip-Hop's Best Kept Secret"

I've been following the homie Munoz for around two years now. When I first heard him I thought he was nice but over the years he's really been making me wonder if he's actually Madlib's long lost son or something! This project serves as a great introduction to Munoz's music for the many who haven't heard of this phenomenal young talent. It's a compilation of some of our personal favorites from his previous albums dating back to when he was eleven and a handful of new/unreleased music to give a taste of things to come. Munoz will most definitely be a force to be reckoned with in the coming years so do yourself a favor and get on board now! I can't wait to hear what this guy sounds like when he can legally drive! LOL

Also be sure to peep his "Hypedog's Underdogs" post for two more beats that aren't on this project.

DOWNLOAD Munoz -"Hip-Hop's Best Kept Secret"

Beat 124 - Munoz

These Are The Times - Munoz

Slick - Munoz

01 Maria (Sunday Morning)
02 See U
03 Beat 124
04 Slick
05 Money!
06 Long Lost
07 Mirror Mirror
08 NotTheBestBeatEver
09 Space
10 Wavy
11 Imagine That (Nowhere)
12 In Your Smile
13 Ooh Aah
14 These Are The Times
15 Uno
16 Beat 125
17 Beat 127 (Keep On)
18 Beat 60
19 New Life
20 New Life part 2
21 Beat 129
22 No Use Remix
23 Outro (I'm out)

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