100 Akres – The David Bowie Beat Tape

100 Akres:
It’s not a game……which I’m sure you understand by now. David Bowie’s 1983 LP, Let’s Dance, is on the chopping board this time. I even decided to flip ‘Under Pressure’ and throw it on here even though it wasn’t on the Lets Dance record….and technically it was a Queen record but who’s keepin’ count. The most important thing is for you to keep wondering what in the world goes on in my head while creating such madness. Enjoy…..

100 Akres - ChunLi (The David Bowie Beat Tape)

DOWNLOAD: 100 Akres – The David Bowie Beat Tape

1. DamnthatVanillaIce
2. ModernHypnotize
3. ChunLi
4. Dance B#tch
5. Shake
6. Ante/Ricochet (Bowie/M.O.P. Mashup NonMashUp)
7. Off Beat Brulee
8. Nose Spray
9. C.B.J.

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