Kadence VS Samiyam EP

<a href="http://abolitionistprojects.bandcamp.com/album/kadence-vs-samiyam-ep">Kadence VS Samiyam EP by Abolitionist Projects</a>

Two Southeast Michigan raised titans of futuristic underground Hip Hop have collided to create this stunningly progressive work of sonic anarchy. "Kadence vs Samiyam" combines the multifaceted vocal talents of Kadence (SomeOthaShip Connect/Abolitionist Projects)--with the help of some of his fellow Abolitionist crew members--who has received international acclaim for his mind-bending lyricism and iconoclastic socio-philosophical subject matter, with the production sounds of Samiyam(Brainfeeder) who is also well known on the international Hip Hop and electronic music scenes for his skillful fusion of sliding Hip-Hop rhythms with jazz, soul and funk based electionica. When two creative powers of this magnitude meet, listeners can expect a no less than impressive display of sheer originality...

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