Beat Maker Beat aka Space Kid - MacroKosmos

<a href="">'MacroKosmos' by Beat-Maker-Beat aka Space Kid</a>

We gave you a sneak preview of Beat Maker Beat's new 22 track album 'MacroKosmos' last week but now it's finally available to stream and purchase on BMB's bandcamp.

New experimental album of Beat-Maker-Beat aka Space Kid. MacroKosmos concept: cosmos of Mind and Vibez/Big in the small... The majority of tracks are written down in real time. Without computer. only analog japan: Akai mpc3000 / Korg MS2000B, Triton, Moog L.P, Kaossilator1, Kaoss-pad1 + more other live stuff...

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  1. This is more than just an album! This is huge right here! The more I listen to it, the more I'm blown away!