Full Crate & FS Green: Eggs And Pancakes

<a href="http://hi-hatclub.bandcamp.com/album/hi-hat-club-vol-5-eggs-and-pancakes">Hi-Hat Club Vol. 5 – Eggs And Pancakes by Hi-Hat Club</a>

Volume 5 of the MPM producer series introduces two of Amsterdams most promising new producers: Full Crate and FS Green. Forget your favourite Amsterdam clichees, no hookers and stoners here, just pure musical heat. Crate and Green come with the most forward-thinking and progressive beats - or shall we better say music? - in the Hi-Hat Club so far. "Eggs And Pancakes" takes the best of both worlds – well chopped samples and so-called electronics – to express their vision of an instrumental hip-hop album in the year 2010. In stores Oct 22. More details and full tracklisting available here.

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