Sepehr Nabi - Crepuscular EP / Cosmos

With an increasing amount of glitch-laden beat music permeating from Bandcamp pages the world over, I was very excited to stumble across an artist called Sepehr Nabi.

Recorded at home, his debut release entitled Crepuscular EP is a 3-track ode to ambient soundscapes. Think Flying Lotus and Dorian Concept but without the curvy bass-lines and off-kilter percussion and you start to get a fraction of an idea of this sound.

His second offering, under the guise of "Super Treehouse" titled Cosmos, builds on the feelings and textures of the Crepuscular. Using snippets of ethnic percussion and layered loops, he creates a world of intermittent bleeps and sustained notes float amidst a backdrop of white noise, culminating in a cinematic listen.

Well worth a check for fans of Brian Eno, Tangerine Dream, Tomita, Tonto and Ras G.

Check out the Bandcamp page for release dates and streaming.

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