Kendrick Lamar

Peace Peace ya'll, my name is kronika.
I recently crossed paths with hypedog1 and he kindly invited me to be a contributor on here and for that i am truly humbled.

Just like many of you, I also have this love and passion for music that i just can't seem to put into words. But if i must try, music truly saves my life. Like water for my soul, i stay thirstin' for more. :)

Good music you find or receive is always a blessing indeed.
Let it be known, let it be heard.
We're just here ta help spread it throughout the whole world. :D

So for my first post, comin' straight outta Compton,
check out Kendrick Lamar, "The good kid that just wants to rap."

Download his "Overly Dedicated" mixtape here.

Check out his EP here.

And before i forget, major props of course to the man behind Kendrick's beats, DJ Dave.
Dude's a beast wit da beats.

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