Best Beats of 2010

Back with the sequel to the compilation that got me e-famous in the first place. "Best Beats of 2010" uses the same formula as last year's: pick some of my personal favorite beats while also making sure that all bases are covered and there's something for everyone. This compilation spans 29 tracks and will hopefully bring back some memories of when and where you first heard some of these beats. Enjoy the compilation and feel free to pass it on!

DOWNLOAD - Best Beats of 2010

1. Polaroids - Duke Hugh
2. Break of Dawn - Bugseed
3. Strawberries - Freddie Joachim
4. Blue again - Insightful
5. Bubblin Hot - Leanord Dstroy
6. Bullion Blast - Xperiment
7. Mignight (Michael Lite Mix) - Professa
8. Keep It Real - Mister Bibal
9. Prototype - NAMELESS
10.Good Music - Kaytradamus
11.Play - Apatight
12.Optimistic End - Abnormal
13.Tokyo Moon - Raul Supreme
14.Re-Lax (If You Want To) - Lakim
15.Southern Fried Soul - O-D
16.Scrap - I-Tone
17.Without Love (Intamacy) - Myke Forte
18.My Room - Juj
19.Very Sweet Dreams - DJ JW
20.You & Me - Wizard
21.Teddy's Interlude - Teddy B
22.Jingle On Em - Ackryte
23.Movin' On - Kaze
24.Searching - Afromo
25.Yesterday - Munoz
26.The Definition - Boonie Mayfield
27.World Is Love - Beat-Maker-Beat
28.Electronic - Kelakovski
29.Heidi - Raj Mahal

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  1. damn shame yal didnt put IllSkilz up there that dude has some banging beats & for that only the tape is a fail(for me) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PERIOD