Fathom 9: FUK H.A.M.— I Go Thermo-Nuclear Beat Tape

After realizing that I have been producing tracks since the winter of 1999, and that so many of them had not been used/heard—I saw myself as a sonic…miser. That said, I decided to open the vaults and unleash a taste of some of my alchemy of sound. The title of this series of beat tape projects is FUK H.A.M.—I Go Thermo-Nuclear. H.A.M. has recently entered the daily lexicon of many people, and as one who does not eat pork, I found I couldn’t relate. While I do understand the concept behind the acronym, it does little to express what I do. I don’t go H.A.M.—I detonate star systems…i.e. Going Thermo-Nuclear.

This beat tape is a mix of 24 tracks, some brief, maybe one to two full length, and they merely showcase my musical diversity. The mix is composed of material from various years to demonstrate (hopefully) my personal growth as an artist, (Note: I am an emcee first, and chose to express myself musically as I could find no match for the sound I was looking for). In addition to producing the beat tape series, I am currently working on a solo project, so these mixes are a great way for me to let everyone know that I... am... coming… - Fathom 9

01-FUK H.A.M.-I Go Thermo-Nuclear Beat tape pt. 1 (preface)

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