Question & Freddie Joachim - Study Guide Special Edition EP

Study Guide: An instrumental look at scholastic development. Featuring beats by Question & Freddie Joachim. In styles of jazz, breakbeats and electronica.

Question: Question does not consider himself as a producer, but humbly more of a “beatsmith”. This Southern California native has been spinning hiphop since the early 90′s. His introduction to beat making started with an ASR-10. He then moved on to the MPC and has stuck to it ever since. It wasn’t until 2008 that Question decided to put his music together, defining his sound as an interpretation of a timeless era, purely fueled by Jazz, Soul & Funk. Future projects include an instrumental album with special guest Soulo of The Sound Providers.

Freddie Joachim: Making his home in the San Diego and Los Angeles areas, Freddie Joachim (pronounced: JO-AH-KIM), became a dj in the later part of 1996. Starting as a mobile dj and turntablist, Joachim has become a dj, who spins and listens to all genres, with a strong focus on jazz and hip hop. With experimentation in early 2001, Joachim turned his focus to recording and production. Mainly a software-based producer, he respects the art of record collecting and sampling, working closely with other artists who share the same idea.
Freddie Joachim has produced for many big indie hip hop/soul artists.Last year he released his full length album in Japan, entitled, “In With Time”, which featured such artists as, Choice37, Surreal, Aloe Blacc, Blu, Profile, Othello, Muneshine and more. ...

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