Producer Spotlight: Dibiase - Thinking Of You (Instrumental) / Strangeland (Sound Palace)

For anyone new to Dibiase could you tell us a lil bit about yourself, how you got into producing and the essence behind your sound?
Well I originally started emceeing and got into production around 95 did both until 2005 then decided to go full time with the beats. My sound is a mixture of all the music I grew up listening to like alot of Soul, Jazz 90's Hip Hop / R&B the video games. Alot of people are shocked when I tell them I'm from Watts, CA thinking that it's gangbang central, but it's also known for its historical Jazz scene before I was born of course.

What equipment do you use in your studio setup?
Lately I been having A.D.D with the hardware and software. So currently I been using SP 303, SP 404, MPC 3000, Microkorg, Kaospad, Kaosilator, Reason 4, Ableton 7, Maschine, Traktor Pro, MPD 24, Novation Nocturn, 8 channel mixer, turntable me and my girl's vinyl collection to chop up. So I just been bouncing back and forth. As of the late I been playing with the MPC 3000 alot lately.

Who are your top 5 producers / musical Influence?
In no particular order my fav 5 - Jay Dee, Vintage RZA, DJ Premier, Herbie Hancock, Diamond D & Beatminerz.

What albums you listening to at the moment?
I have been bumpin the homie Versis album "illcandescant" is pretty tuff. Any beat tape dak gives me will get rotation, but "Standthis" is a great album. I been bumpin this 08 Mndsgn beat tape. Teebs album "Ardour" that new Lazersword album is tuff too. Tone Liv and Vincent Price "Built For Timberland Boots" album is raw.

Which upcoming producers should we be on the look out for?
dak is one to look out for, but he's been ill for the longest wish he got more shine than he does. 14KT! This guy is crazy he just won the Red Bull Big Tune. Xperiment is disgusting on the beats. The whole Klipmode camp is crazy. My lady Nasrockswell is nasty on the beats too (raw boombap flav). Jonwayne is a beast on the beats/mic watch out for him. He's dropping something on Stonesthrow this year. Pudgemcee who I dropped the L.A. 10" series with is a crazy producer/deejay/emcee.

What has been the main highlight or your career so far?
Getting to the Red Bull Big Tune finals for a second time 2008/2010. Releasing my 1st full length album "Machines Hate Me" on Alpha Pup Records. My releases on Fatcity, Allcity "Cakeology E.P and L.A. 10" Series". Getting to travel alot more and rock shows. Joining surefire agency was a good look too.

Any previous releases or upcoming projects we should be aware of?
Well currently I'm working on a few mixes for Monday Jazz, a klipcast for Klipmode. Also got a beat on the Fatcity producer #3 comp, and also another EP with them as well. Also a 12" with Allcity flippin the 90's R&B tracks. Im currently puttin together a beattape full of mpc 3000 beats for a tour sell as merch. I want to put out a comp with some of my fav emcees as well this year. Also another full length LP too. Just tryin to stay busy as possible.


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