Producer Spotlight : Slot-A "The Foundation" Beat Mix


For anyone new to you and your music, could you tell us a lil bit about yourself, how you got into producing and the essence behind your sound?

I've been behind artist like Gerald Walker (producer and engineer) & Add-2 (producer, engineer, hypeman, etc.). Had music on Jersey Shore, Skyline, Stomp The Yard 2 & Espn. I got into producing in the 8th grade at a bad attempt to get DJ software. Haha. Found out I was just arranging beats and not really beat matching, etc. I put all my time into and lost my self in it for days at a time. My sound is really diverse, I grew up listening to a lot of different genre's of music. If i can say anything, "Hard drums & bass lines"

Who are some of your influences?

14KT, DJ Battle Cat, Easy Mo Bee, Dr. Dre, (early) Kanye West, Dilla, DJ Yella, Hi-Tek, and you can't forget DJ Quik. I listen to a lot. But lately I've been listening to Hans Zimmerman and Will.I.AM.

What equipment do you use in your studio setup?

I'm all software, except for my bass and turntables. And believe me, my turntables are the biggest part of my production. I bounce between Ableton Live & Fruity Loops.

What has been the main highlight or your career so far?

The main highlight lately is DJing. I had an opportunity to open for Twista in my home town, Ann Arbor, Mi @ the blind pig. To rock a spot I always wanted to but left before I could get in the door was an amazing feeling.

Any previous releases or upcoming projects we should be aware of?

Check out Add-2's Tale of Two's City Volume 2-4, i served as executive producer on those projects. Outside of being one of my closest friends, I truly believe in the music that we've made. The release everyone needs to get today is, "Foundation." The next projects I have to release are "ILL Raps" w/ Neak Undefined, "Where's My Stapler" w/ Mike Schpitz, my own EP, "The Transition," and more remixes and bootlegs.

Any fellow producers that you feel we're sleeping on and we should be checking for?

Trumaine, Wes P, Astronote, Prolyfic, 14KT, IntlMC, Blue Blocker, The Cartoonz, Nick Speed, DJ Haircut, Nascent & QB and DJ J-Rell.

Slot-A also just released a new beat mix titled "The Foundation" which you can stream/download up above!

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