"Hypedog's Underdogs" Vol. 17 - MusoNi

For Vol. 17 we have Montreal's MusoNi. MusoNi has been making beats for three years now and got into production by being a sample head first. "I still remember my first reactions like when I've found that We Gonna Make It - Jadakiss sample, I was like 'whaaat??...they only took this? And that's it??' (laughs) "says MusoNi. MusoNi mainly uses Acoustica mixcraft v2.5 to create his beats. "I know it's not a software for production, though I use it to assemble the sounds I import from hardware (synthesizer, sp404, physical/digital crates, turntables, serato)." he notes.

MusoNi is influenced by the likes of : Arthur Verocai, Patrice Lumumba, Thomas Sankara, Haile Selassie, Fela Kuti, TV shows/cartoons/sitcoms from the 90s and 80s, the hiphop classic albums, Pete Rock, Dilla, Madlib, Preem, KenLo, vLooper, Elaquent, and many more. He says his sound is actually heavily influenced by the weather. 'The weather has quite an impact to my sound. In Montreal with the cold for half of the year, I often reminisce about the warm breeze and the sunny days when it's wintertime, and refreshing myself about the freezing cold in summertime. This is when you hear the "palm-tree-and-beach atmosphere" or the bossanova-samba-mpb samples. There is this strange connection between nature and music."

MusoNi has a "90s Babies" EP series with High-Klassified dropping very soon. Check out a leak from said project as well as a bonus blap!

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