Ceewhy - "Black Art" (Free Album)

About a month ago Ceewhy shot me an advance of his latest album "Black art". I was completely new to Ceewhy before he shot me the video for "Crazy Love" a while back so I was very impressed with this guy's ear for beats seeing as he summoned a lot of producers we post up here on Hypedog. Once I got past the fact that he's using beats from some of the best up and coming producers I then realized that this dude can rhyme, quite well! If you are a fan of Finale, Chaundon, or Rapper Big Pooh then you should have no problems listening to Ceewhy. "Black Art" is hands down the most stand out album I've heard so far this year and even though it has a slew of different producers it still manages to find a way of cohering to keep a general theme. Ceewhy has this to say about how be chose the title of this album:

" The title Black Art is more than about me being Black and making art, its more encompassing than that. Black is the "meeting place" of colors. Black is all hues of the spectrum wrapped up into one rich dark landscape. I wanted to take subjects and emotions universal to all my fans who are just as diverse and make songs for them. This is more of a tribute album for all those who support me."

Speaking of producers, "Black art" sports production from the likes of : Pro, Raw Stiles, Myke Forte, Ta-Ku, K15, Wizard, and a gang of production from Apatight. In this album Ceewhy mainly sticks to the themes of relationships and self/socially conscious tracks. A few personal favorites of mine are the banger that is "Crazy Love", the smooth "Date Night", and the aggressive "FTW" which commandeers your full attention. I most definitely suggest you give this album a spin, it has great replay value and I'm sure you'll be just as waken up to Ceewhy as I am now...

Download : Ceewhy - "Black Art"


  1. really dope...but the link is dead! no hulk share ...

  2. I dunno what happened over @ Hulkshare but here is the new link http://www.zshare.net/download/92349942a5f80d0b/ and www.ceewhy612.com

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