Tall Black Guy - "Hollyweird 2.0"

I'm finally back from my lil hiatus I been on for the past couple weeks, needed some Luigi time before I went crazy! That and it's tournament season in the fighting game community so I got those too...haha. Expect a flood of posts when I get back from work tonight...

Anyway Tall Black Guy just released the second installment of his "Hollyweird" series. Merging a West-Coast sound with his Midwest roots this ten track project ranges from Hip-Hop to House to Funk. If you're familiar with TBG like I am then you can visualize him hitting his patented "Tall Black Guy slide" to all these tunes. Head on over to Gritty Goat to download this and Hollyweird part 1 for the five finger discount!.

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  1. "I Wanna Play Summthin' For You" is a nice flip of that sample on the Asheru-Talib Kweli joint from a while back