Mystro - F.D.T.

The Natural born spitta returns with a refreshingly different blend of tracks that reminds you why Mystro has been in the scene for over 10 years now!

FDT (Fuck Da Taxman) is a short and sweet collection of tunes that span allsorts of vibes, broken up by retro style radio skits.

The F.D.T. EP was originally launched by Beer and Rap in early 2009, but after a release that fell off the radar, Mystro took control and decided to relaunch F.D.T. in the manner it deserves.

Mystro aka Stroseph openly admits that his beat selection sometimes isn't the best, but that definitely can't be said with FDT. Although very different each track has a strong sound, and enables the sound to flow.

Each track illustrates our emcee's attitude and character, but if your looking for musical highlights definitely check:

- MysDiggi gets the ball rolling with the high octane 'The Truth'. With some soul claps, MPC style chops and lyrics fitting the beat like MJ's glove! (RIP) The catchy hook gets you rollin' round stating 'He aint lyin' in any situation you possibly can!

- 'Maintain' in which Mystro lays down some truely inspiring rhymes, with a backdrop that wouldnt be out of place on a classic gangstarr joint. The second verse sees Mys paying homage to the struggle faced by musicians trying to maintain through the negativity. Finished with a classic shout out outro this is hidden gem for sure.

- As with many projects the middle bit seems to be the best. Straight after the aforementioned 'Maintain' we are given the Super T produced 'Aquarius'. With an understated chilled vibe that sounds like an IQ style downtone track. The verses work as a commentary of the current attitude of people as a result of the tragedies that take place in the World, with Mystro even questioning faith and wondering what the future holds.

This is a tight EP that gets your head nodding, and left wanting more, which many emcees seem to have forgotten is the idea of EP's of this nature.

Look out for some great new offerings from Mystro later in the year, and if you have been sleeping on it to this point be sure to check his '09 Rap Up' the 'Mystro Investigates' episodes on spine tv and the close to Genius 'Mess I Ever Had'.
Review by Vice


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