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BTS Radio: Manic when it comes to new creation, I was handed three CDs with over 150 beats the first time I met Paul White. His output has been at dizzying levels for years, it's hard to imagine the number of archives he's stored away.White is hip-hop through and through. He respects the art and captures the elements of what you loved about the genre from the start. His sample sources lean towards psychedelics, experimental jazz and rock, giving it a more distinct sound than most hip-hop beat makers. His latest project, "Paul White and The Purple Brain", is an album made up entirely from work of little-known Swedish psych-rock guru S.T. Mikael. The combination goes hand in hand and where White is most comfortable creatively. Taking drug-fueled sound and rinsing it through the MPC. Paul White's "Paul White and The Purple Brain" is out now on Now-Again/One-Handed Music.

DOWNLOAD Paul White - BTS Radio Beat Showcase #005

Cheech & Chong Intro
Paul White - My Guitar Whales
Paul White - Ancient Treasure Ft. Guilty Simpson (Assumin' Remix)
Paul White - Wait For Me
Paul White - And Nico
Paul White - Pride
Paul White - Moonlight
Paul White - The Galaxy Window
Paul White - Synth March
Paul White - Versus The BBC
Paul White - Ancient Treasure Ft. Guilty Simpson (Day Off Remix)
Paul White - Dance Scene
Paul White - Right On
Paul White - Garfield's New Thing
Paul White - The Doldrum
Paul White - Bernard Fevre Remix
Paul White - Back to My Roots
Paul White - Highlife
Paul White - A Gentle Freak
Paul White - Evasive Action
Paul White - Goes To Hollywood
Paul White - Marshen Signals
Paul White - Death Star
Paul White - Another Mind State
Paul White - Speed Racing
Pharoah Sanders - Hum Allah Hum Allah Hum Allah
Weather Report - The Elders
Laboratorium - Ikona
Clint Eastwood & General Saint - Can't Take Another World War
Can - Hallelujah
Belle Epoque - Miss Broadway
Bo Hansson - Rabbit Music
Uele Kalabubu - Matata

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