14KT & DJ Graffiti - DAMM U Mixtape PT. 2

To celebrate 14KT becoming the Red Bull Big Tune Beat Battle Champion, the Athletic Mic League/The Lab Techs producer connected with DJ Graffiti to hit you with part two of the DAMM U Mixtape featuring some of 14KT’s best production and beats he's featured in the battles.

1. Adrenaline (Jozeemo)
2. SledgeHammer (Invincible)
3. Swagger Jackson's Revenge (Jay Electronica)
4. Goin' Nowhere (Buff1)
5. Rockabye Baby (Marv1)
6. OH! (Illite)
7. Honey 14KT Remix Instr. (Erykah Badu)
8. The Answer (NowOn)
9. Cry Now 14KT Remix Instr. (Obie Trice)
10. I'm Sayin' 14KT Remix (NowOn)
11. BlackKat (14KT)
12. Much Better (Buff1)
13. Diamonds [Hands 2 the Sky 14KT remix] (Kanye West)
14. The Sky (Buff1)
15. DANCE 14KT Remix Instr. (Danny Brown)
16. Marvin Flip (14KT)
17. Around (14KT)
18. They Say [Jon B Flip] (14KT)
19. DAMN! (14KT)

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