Magazine33 article on Lakim

Virginia electronic magazine site "Magazine 33" is a budding site that strives to make some of the slept on talents in all genres of Virginia heard on a larger scale. Today they posted up an article about Lakim which dates back to how he got started anc goes up until what he has plans to release next. Read this excerpt and check the full article here :

"Lynchburg - On a cold November night in 1989, a DJ/turntablist/producer from the Hill City named his newborn son after the legendary hip-hop icon Rakim, but dropped the "R" and added an "L." DJ Earl2thaB (Earl Bryant) was and is the proud father of Lakim (Lakim Bryant).

It didn’t take long for Lakim to be introduced to hip-hop music, with his father being a respected producer and turntablist/DJ in the area. He grew up meeting local emcees that his pops made beats for. When Lakim eventually had the itch to create instrumentals, his dad taught him how to work his MPC but told him he should also read the manual. His father also taught him to be himself and to let the music express how he felt and represent who he was.

At age 16, Lakim was making hot beats right out of the gate. It all started with his first group venture, Blacc. Consisting of Word (main lyricist), Rome (beats/occasional emcee), and Lakim (beats/emcee), the young group developed their talent and love for the music and are still in pursuit of making their dreams come alive. "

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