MIXTAPE DOWNLOAD: DJ House Shoes Presents - Rapping With Paul White The Mixtape

In anticipation of Paul‘s forthcoming album, Rapping With Paul White the producer hooks up with the legendary House Shoes for this mixtape. Rapping With Paul White: The Mixtape features unreleased beats, remixes from Paul’s archives, and tracks from the album (including an exclusive remix). Peep the album’s first single here and don’t forget it drops August 22.

Life Is Flashing Intro
Trust featuring Guilty Simpson
A New Way
Get Down RMX* -Nas
One Of Life’s Pleasures RMX* featuring Danny Brown
Hype Strings*
In The Good RMX* not featuring The Visionaries
The Doldrums
Run Shit featuring Marv Won
Holla RMX* featuring Prince Po
Guitar Riff Pt. IIII*
What’s That Funny Smell?
Dirty Slang featuring Guilty Simpson
Classic RMX* featuring MED and Talib Kweli
Rotten Apples featuring Tranqill
Love To Japan*
Never Too Late*
Stressed Out RMX* featuring ATCQ
Guitar Racing*
Getting Lucky*
Wiltering Heat*
Up Close*
*non-album exclusives


  1. Hottest beats ever online right here fam.

  2. You really do pick up on the best and hottest beats. Paul White knows how to do it and I can't wait for the full release to come out in August. I love getting a sneak peak at this stuff on your site. Keep the good stuff like this coming for all of us. Nothing like a preview months before it actually drops.

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